Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Welcome to Awakening Awareness!

Facilitate your opening, development, and healing through my breath work, holistic therapy sessions, and workshops. My unique approach intermingle ancient Eastern meditative and insightful traditions with Western scientific, physical, and psychological systems. My work is supported by the strong foundation of Osho's Meditative Therapies which incorporate active meditation, dance, music, and celebration.

As a result of participating in Awakening Awareness programs, you will feel grounded in your body, and authentically express your sexuality--the key to your creativity. You will release stress and tension, therefore feeling joyful and fully self-expressed. You will move beyond the conditioning you acquired since birth, so you can feel radiant and alive.

Teach you to take a fresh breath into life, heal your relationships, develop your creativity and find inner peace and silence in meditation which will lead you towards the depth of your inner being.

The goal is nothing less than to use the active meditation and breathe work to unlock the unique potential of the human being for the evolution towards love and consciousness. If you learn to breathe deeply, you learn to live joyfully. You transform not only your life but also of those around you.

Welcome/invite to the sessions/workshops to experience, explore and learn about the power of breath and active meditation for the healing and well-being of body, mind, heart and spirit.