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Welcome to Awakening Awareness!

Facilitate your opening, development, and healing through my breath work, holistic therapy sessions, and workshops. My unique approach intermingle ancient Eastern meditative and insightful traditions with Western scientific, physical, and psychological systems. My work is supported by the strong foundation of Osho's Meditative Therapies which incorporate active meditation, dance, music, and celebration.

As a result of participating in Awakening Awareness programs, you will feel grounded in your body, and authentically express your sexuality--the key to your creativity. You will release stress and tension, therefore feeling joyful and fully self-expressed. You will move beyond the conditioning you acquired since birth, so you can feel radiant and alive.

Teach you to take a fresh breath into life, heal your relationships, develop your creativity and find inner peace and silence in meditation which will lead you towards the depth of your inner being.

The goal is nothing less than to use the active meditation and breathe work to unlock the unique potential of the human being for the evolution towards love and consciousness. If you learn to breathe deeply, you learn to live joyfully. You transform not only your life but also of those around you.

Welcome/invite to the sessions/workshops to experience, explore and learn about the power of breath and active meditation for the healing and well-being of body, mind, heart and spirit.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Dear Participants,
Please write your experience and thoughts about the Active Meditation seesions/groups.workshops...

Thank you for your support and comments.
with love


Hello Meerabarathy,

Although I was looking forward to attend a Meditation session for a long time, it got postponed for ever, may be because of my in-born laziness and lack of eagerness. Finally, Sumathy gave me the opportunity of attending your session yesterday and I felt so sad for having delayed for so long. Well, better late than never!

The first day activities seemed a little strenuous for a person like me. I tried my best to do almost all the different steps that you introduced one by one. Of course, I felt the pain on my body as it was the first time and do feel the same even today. But you know what, I had a peaceful sleep last night with no break and interruptions at all! It was a different experience and I do believe that your help and guidance at the Meditation class would be of immense help to me in achieving mental and physical harmony.

Thank you ever so much and I am looking forward to attend the next session at the earliest possible, Meerabarathy!

K. Navam

Thursday, June 5, 2008


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http://www.osho.com/Home Page for Osho and Osho International Meditation Resort

Workshops and Trainings in the World of Osho:
http://www.diamondbreath.de/Osho Diamond Breath: Devapath and Dwari, creators of Osho Breath Process, facilitate transformative workshops and trainings around the world.

Devapath’s own web page dedicated to his experience and work

http://www.oshomiasto.it/Osho Meditation commune and trainings in Italy

Meditantra is a web site dedicated to meditation and consciousness growth. Promotes groups and meditation events lead by Ma prem Shunyo with live music by VeetMarco.

http://www.activemeditation.com/About Osho Active Meditations; site of Maneesha, Osho's Chief Editor

Energy of Breath is based in New York City

More Osho Sites Worldwide:
http://www.sannyas.net/Friends of Osho

Music and Sound Healing:
Deva Premal & Miten - http://www.devapremalmiten.com/Graced by ancient mantras, rich harmonies, and sensual rhythms, Deva Premal and Miten's music and workshops explore the essence of love, devotion, and consciousness.

One Sky Music - http://www.oneskymusic.com/For in Osho's vision, we are only on this beautiful planet to celebrate and rejoice the great mystery of life - with our songs, our dances, our silences of the heart... -Milarepa

http://www.mysticjaz.com/Dawoud Kringle, musician extraordinaire, co-producer of meditation CDs with Rohi and Giten

Books, Music and Video from the World of Osho:
http://www.oshoviha.org/Osho Information Center and Book Distributors

http://www.whiteswanrecords.com/Largest distributor of music from Osho Musicians in the U.S.

Events/ workshops/ Groups

Experience life with totality and presence! My events are designed to help you gain deeper understanding of yourself, and of conditioning and habits you have acquired throughout your life that no longer serve you. Once aware of these patterns, in our group work you can let them go.

Group work is very opening and rewarding, as well as crucial in bringing understanding and passion into your experiencing of life. Energy of Breath's multi-dimensional approach to meditation and transformation includes: Osho Breath Therapy, Dance, Reiki, Conscious Movement, Bio-Energetic Therapy, Sexual Awareness, and Vocalizations. Every event is an opportunity to explore and expand your self-awareness and connection to yourself and others.

* I offer workshops delivered at your location, depending on your organization's needs and time constraints.
*Book me to come to your organization for groups/workshops.
*Prices for groups/workshops depend on size and discounts for nonprofits organizations. Workshops are available for one hour, Half-Day and Full-day formats.
*send me an email to discuss to arrange a group/workshop to meet your organization's needs


Osho Breath Therapy
Osho Active Meditations™
Osho Laughing Buddha Meditation in Video -click here

Osho Breath Therapy
Your openness and ability to flow in life is reflected in the way you breathe.
Osho Breath Therapy supports the release of emotional stress, strengthens the psycho-neuro immune system and leads to a healing integration of your conscious and unconscious mind. You will break through conditioned breathing patterns and open chronically tense physical and mental structures.

Osho Breath Therapy, a body-oriented psychotherapy, was developed by world re-known therapists Anand Devapath and Anand Dwari (following Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen), under direct instructions from Osho. Rebirthing, regression, hypnosis and meditation are synthesized in this highly intense breathing technique. Accompanied by touch and bodywork, this approach dramatically opens up the internal energy flow to allow you to experience your full capacity for power, love, and awareness.

Our work emphasizes the inter-connection between you and your breath. You may notice that when there is a strong feeling of fear or pain, you unconsciously hold your breath. When there is a strong feeling of pleasure or joy, you naturally take full, deep breaths. Through becoming aware of your patterns of breathing, you can consciously release non-supportive patterns, become grounded in your present reality, and open to your freedom of expression and radiant health.

Re-discover the spontaneity and innocence you had as a child, and begin to love yourself and other selves from a broader foundation of trust and clarity.

Osho Active Meditations™
Designed and scientifically perfected by Osho over 30 years, Osho Active Meditations™ are specifically designed for the modern-day human being. Most Osho Active Meditations™ are one hour long, and include several stages, ten to thirty minutes in duration, which include special breathing techniques, bioenergetics exercises, dance, and silent meditation.

Three of the most popular Osho Active Meditations™ are Dynamic Meditation, Kundalini Meditation, and Nadabrahma Meditation. Dynamic Meditation is an intense workout to be experienced first thing in the morning, clearing your mind and emotional body for the day, as well as charging up your body with energy. Kundalini Meditation is often experienced at sundown, with the aim of clearing your body and mind from the day's work, while also raising the energy, being drawn from the earth, through your body. Nadabrahma Meditation can be experienced by yourself or with a partner, to become aware and in tune with your energetic body, which is your outermost and innermost contact with the world and yourself.

Meditation affords us the opportunity to be present and fully aware in our lives, moment to moment, feeling and sensing ourselves and the world around us. Meditation also grounds us, therefore we are available to receive the wonders that the Universe has to offer, rather than being scattered and unable to hold on to energy that can serve us.

Awakening awareness offers various Osho Active Meditations™ on an ongoing basis for group practice, as well as individual instruction.

Different Active meditation methods
From Osho
Dynamic Meditation
Kundalini Meditation
Nadabrahma Meditation
Chakara sound meditation
Chakra breathing meditation
Nataraj Meditation
Gourishankar Meditation
Mandala Meditation
Whirling Meditation
No dimensions meditation
Gibberish meditation
Laughing Buddhas Meditation
Vippassna meditation

Tantra Meditation
who is sensing meditation
Energy of breath
Breath into our energy centers

From Deva path
Lion’s heart meditation
Breathing into Life Meditation
Dragon Breath Meditation
Breathing in Love Meditation

About me!

Meerabharathy has been on a path of personal development, self discovery and searching for truth for past 10 years. He is a fellow traveler in the path of the Indian Mystic, Osho. Meerabharathy's intention, when working with clients, is to share his own experience and support clients in going deeper into exploring themselves and discovering who they truly are.

Meerabharathy is an ordinary but a unique person like you. he is committed to yours and his journey of personal growth and transformation. His work is rooted in the teachings of the Indian Mystic Osho. He shares with you his own understanding and experience of expanding personal awareness and becoming conscious of patterns in relating to ourselves and the world around us. Experiencing love, compassion, and celebrating life with all that it has to offer. His passion is to facilitate opening, development and healing in your life.

He Born in Sri Lanka and have been living in Toronto since 1996,

He is a certified Osho Breath Therapist, Osho Meditation and Relationship Counsellor and Active Meditation Facilitator with years of experience in many forms of osho’s breath works and active meditation techniques. He has been trained in a variety of meditative and healing therapies at Osho Multiversity, Pune, India, and Miasto Meditation Institute, Toscana, Italy. He expanded his holistic practice by training in Osho Breath and Meditative Therapies through Breath Energy School International, directed by therapists Devapath, Dwari and Shunyo. Trainings he has participated in include "Osho Breath Energy Training and Internship", "Osho relationship Counselor Training", and ”Osho Counselor Training” in Toscana, Italy and “meditation facilitator training” in Pune, India. His respect for the mental health and holistic healing profession has led him to pursue a Honors degree in Psychology and sexuality Studies at York University. He also participated in Emotion Focused Therapy workshop led by Prof. Leslie Greenberg and followed Mindfulness sessions  led by Prof. Paul Ritvoat York University. He also received his first Degree (Bsc) in mathematics from the University of Colombo.

In this work he has found the key for opening up to his soul and being grounded in his body, and now as he leads a meditative lifestyle, he is happy to share what he has learned with as many people as possible.

Meerabharathy has facilitated numerous active meditation and breath groups in Toronto. He offers individual sessions, groups and workshops in Breath and Active Meditative therapies.

Meerabharathy is also the founder of Awakening Awareness, a organization offering active meditation and breath therapy workshops in Toronto