Thursday, June 5, 2008

About me!

Meerabharathy has been on a path of personal development, self discovery and searching for truth for past 10 years. He is a fellow traveler in the path of the Indian Mystic, Osho. Meerabharathy's intention, when working with clients, is to share his own experience and support clients in going deeper into exploring themselves and discovering who they truly are.

Meerabharathy is an ordinary but a unique person like you. he is committed to yours and his journey of personal growth and transformation. His work is rooted in the teachings of the Indian Mystic Osho. He shares with you his own understanding and experience of expanding personal awareness and becoming conscious of patterns in relating to ourselves and the world around us. Experiencing love, compassion, and celebrating life with all that it has to offer. His passion is to facilitate opening, development and healing in your life.

He Born in Sri Lanka and have been living in Toronto since 1996,

He is a certified Osho Breath Therapist, Osho Meditation and Relationship Counsellor and Active Meditation Facilitator with years of experience in many forms of osho’s breath works and active meditation techniques. He has been trained in a variety of meditative and healing therapies at Osho Multiversity, Pune, India, and Miasto Meditation Institute, Toscana, Italy. He expanded his holistic practice by training in Osho Breath and Meditative Therapies through Breath Energy School International, directed by therapists Devapath, Dwari and Shunyo. Trainings he has participated in include "Osho Breath Energy Training and Internship", "Osho relationship Counselor Training", and ”Osho Counselor Training” in Toscana, Italy and “meditation facilitator training” in Pune, India. His respect for the mental health and holistic healing profession has led him to pursue a Honors degree in Psychology and sexuality Studies at York University. He also participated in Emotion Focused Therapy workshop led by Prof. Leslie Greenberg and followed Mindfulness sessions  led by Prof. Paul Ritvoat York University. He also received his first Degree (Bsc) in mathematics from the University of Colombo.

In this work he has found the key for opening up to his soul and being grounded in his body, and now as he leads a meditative lifestyle, he is happy to share what he has learned with as many people as possible.

Meerabharathy has facilitated numerous active meditation and breath groups in Toronto. He offers individual sessions, groups and workshops in Breath and Active Meditative therapies.

Meerabharathy is also the founder of Awakening Awareness, a organization offering active meditation and breath therapy workshops in Toronto

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