Thursday, June 5, 2008

Events/ workshops/ Groups

Experience life with totality and presence! My events are designed to help you gain deeper understanding of yourself, and of conditioning and habits you have acquired throughout your life that no longer serve you. Once aware of these patterns, in our group work you can let them go.

Group work is very opening and rewarding, as well as crucial in bringing understanding and passion into your experiencing of life. Energy of Breath's multi-dimensional approach to meditation and transformation includes: Osho Breath Therapy, Dance, Reiki, Conscious Movement, Bio-Energetic Therapy, Sexual Awareness, and Vocalizations. Every event is an opportunity to explore and expand your self-awareness and connection to yourself and others.

* I offer workshops delivered at your location, depending on your organization's needs and time constraints.
*Book me to come to your organization for groups/workshops.
*Prices for groups/workshops depend on size and discounts for nonprofits organizations. Workshops are available for one hour, Half-Day and Full-day formats.
*send me an email to discuss to arrange a group/workshop to meet your organization's needs

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