Thursday, October 2, 2008


Dear Participants,
Please write your experience and thoughts about the Active Meditation seesions/groups.workshops...

Thank you for your support and comments.
with love


Hello Meerabarathy,

Although I was looking forward to attend a Meditation session for a long time, it got postponed for ever, may be because of my in-born laziness and lack of eagerness. Finally, Sumathy gave me the opportunity of attending your session yesterday and I felt so sad for having delayed for so long. Well, better late than never!

The first day activities seemed a little strenuous for a person like me. I tried my best to do almost all the different steps that you introduced one by one. Of course, I felt the pain on my body as it was the first time and do feel the same even today. But you know what, I had a peaceful sleep last night with no break and interruptions at all! It was a different experience and I do believe that your help and guidance at the Meditation class would be of immense help to me in achieving mental and physical harmony.

Thank you ever so much and I am looking forward to attend the next session at the earliest possible, Meerabarathy!

K. Navam